MLM partnership

Become an MLM partner and benefit from participation over 7 levels!

Participation in the share issue

You also receive full participation in the initial issue of shares.


The SourceWeb Group was founded in 2010 as a privately owned company. After expanding into various sectors in recent years, the general meeting decided to give 25% of the company to free float before the IPO.

Equal partners

Although only 300,000 of the 1.2 million shares are in free float prior to the stock exchange listing, these 25% nevertheless participate in 50% of the profits (preference shares).

Preferential price

Of the 300,000 shares, the first 100,000 will be sold at a preferential price of $ 1.00 and are reserved for small private investors. Subsequently, a further 100,000 shares will be sold at a price of $ 1.50/share. These are also reserved for private investors. In any case, the remaining shares will be sold at the full IPO price of $ 2.00/share.

Start of trading winter 2024

If all preparations go according to plan, public trading will start in the winter of 2024.

Become a shareholder of the SourceWeb Group today and benefit from the preferential price!