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Become an MLM partner and benefit from participation over 7 levels!

Participation in the share issue

You also receive full participation in the initial issue of shares.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most important questions are answered here. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.
We will be happy to answer your questions.

  • Why should I purchase SourceWeb shares?

    We are selling 20% of the tradable SourceWeb shares at a preferential price of $ 3.00, which is below the nominal value and below the initial value of $ 5.00 per share when traded on the stock exchange.
    Each share also gives you a share in the profits of SourceWeb® - a very diversified company, from IT to medical products to debt collection services.
    You also need at least 50 shares to qualify for payouts as a Basic Partner (4 levels) or 100 shares to qualify for payouts as a Premium Partner (7 levels).

  • What makes SourceWeb MLM different from a pyramid scheme?

    A pyramid scheme is an illegal business model in which participants make money only by recruiting other people to join the scheme. The system collapses when new members can no longer be recruited. In contrast, SourceWeb MLM is a legal business model in which participants also earn money without recruiting new members. Our partners continue to earn money even when new members can no longer be recruited because they continue to receive commissions on sales of our products and services.

  • Is it possible to make profits without subordinate partners?

    Of course! Remuneration from lower levels is only one way to make a profit. The shares and payments from the compensation fund automatically provide you with passive income. You can also recruit end customers yourself and receive commissions (20% of sales). Nevertheless, the MLM system is undoubtedly the most lucrative way of generating sustainable income.

  • Is it possible to upgrade from Basic Membership to Premium Membership at a later date?

    Basically yes! However, a later upgrade has the following disadvantages:

    • Payment of the premium license fee required ($ 200)
    • Purchase of the additional shares possibly at the market price (>= $5/share) instead of the preferential price ($3/share).
    • No retroactive payment of commissions from levels 5 to 7.
  • Why will SourceWeb shares increase in value?

    There are several reasons for this:
    - Sale below nominal value and initial market price
    Currently, the preferential price of $ 3 per share still applies when acquiring the shares. The nominal value and the starting price on the secondary market is $ 5.

    - Rising demand while supply remains constant.
    Each MLM Basic member must acquire and retain at least 50 shares. Each MLM Premium member must acquire and retain at least 100 shares. If the number of shares sold falls below this limit, the member is disqualified from receiving further MLM bonuses. Instead, the unpaid bonuses are paid into a fund that is distributed equally to all share holders at regular intervals. Since our MLM system is a pyramid structure that spreads from top to bottom, more and more people need shares from a constant supply to qualify for MLM payments. Those MLM affiliates who are not very active can therefore sell the shares at a profit to new active MLM affiliates or other shareholders, who then also receive the bonuses of the retired members on an ongoing basis.

    - Growing company with a constant stream of new products and a growing number of customers
    The IT company of SourceWeb® in particular is constantly developing new products. Other sectors, such as trading in medical products, are also developing more than satisfactorily. The shareholders participate in the company's profits on an ongoing basis in proportion to their shares (dividend).

  • How many SourceWeb® shares are there in total?

    There are a total of 1,200,000 shares. Of these, a total of exactly 300,000 shares (20%) will be offered for public trading at a nominal value and starting price of $ 3.00 each. This number will not be increased.

    The first 150,000 of the shares will be sold to individuals at a pre-IPO preferential price of $ 3.00 per share, with each individual being able to purchase a maximum of 300 shares at the preferential price. Additional shares may be purchased at a starting price of $ 5.00 per share.

  • Can I buy as many shares as I want?

    The sale at a preferential price is very limited. We want to ensure that as many different individuals as possible benefit from this campaign and that the ownership of these percentages is spread across as many different people as possible (free float).
    This is the only way we can prevent individual large shareholders from denying MLM partners access to the required number of shares for partnership.
    We also want to make it easier to become an MLM partner with this regulation.

    Each natural person is therefore entitled to acquire a maximum of 300 shares at a preferential price of $ 3.00 per share.

    Legal entities of any kind (companies, associations, businesses, ...) are excluded from this campaign!

  • Can the shares be transferred to another account?

    Even before the trading platform is launched, it will be possible to transfer shares internally between accounts free of charge.

  • Can a legal entity also acquire shares at the preferential price?

    If a legal entity or company acquires shares at a preferential price, these are allocated directly to the legal representative in relation to the permitted quantity (maximum 300 shares). The legal representative may therefore not acquire further shares at the preferential price either for himself or for other companies.

  • Is the SourceWeb MLM system legal?

    Of course! Issued shares are officially entered in the commercial register (not publicly visible) and the system is not dependent on new sales partners joining. Even without subordinate sales partners, it is possible to generate a good passive income (through customer acquisition, dividend payments, etc...).

  • How much time should I invest?

    Each MLM partner is free to decide how much time they invest. The higher the hierarchy under an affiliate, the more customers are recruited and the higher the commission bills. Very active MLM partners build up three more MLM partners in the first level and then support them in building up another three MLM partners. If three customers per MLM partner are added to this, the income after seven levels is already around 1,000,000 USD per year. However, it is not necessary to build up such a large network or an affiliate network at all in order to achieve a passive income.

  • What does the future of SourceWeb look like?

    SourceWeb is constantly expanding and will launch a new and unique digital product on the market at least every few months. All SourceWeb products have clear advantages over competitors and great potential for success.


Basic Membership
As a Basic Partner, you benefit from all sales across 4 levels. With 50 SourceWeb® shares, you automatically participate in all SourceWeb® profits.
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Premium membership
As a Premium Partner, you benefit from all sales over 7 levels. With 100 SourceWeb® shares, you automatically participate in all SourceWeb® profits.
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