MLM partnership

Become an MLM partner and benefit from participation over 7 levels!

Participation in the share issue

You also receive full participation in the initial issue of shares.

MLM packages

Basic Partner
$ 100.00
50 Shares / 4 Levels

Compensation plan:

1st level: 20%
2nd level: 10%
3rd level: 5%
4th level: 2%

The compensation plan applies to all digital products of SourceWeb, as well as to the initial issue of SourceWeb shares.

To qualify you need:
50 Shares $ 50
MLM license $ 50
Become a Basic Partner

Basic Partner

As a Basic Partner, you benefit from remuneration across 4 levels.
Levels 5 to 7 are collected in a fund and then distributed to all shareholders.
Become a Basic Partner

Premium Partner

Become a Premium Partner and benefit from remuneration across 7 levels on all sales. With 100 SourceWeb® shares, you automatically participate in all SourceWeb® profits.

Become a Premium Partner